Add Facebook Messenger Chat to your WordPress Website

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It’s important to allow your customers to be able to contact you. You can achieve this in a number of ways, maybe you implement a contact form, maybe you just put your email address and telephone number on your website. Or maybe you allow your customers to instantly message you!

It’s highly likely that the majority of your customers have access to Facebook Messenger. Statistics show that 1.3 billion use Facebook Messenger, with 20 billion messages sent between customers and businesses each month. It could benefit your business or website to get on board.

This post will show the process of getting Facebook Messenger working on your website so your customers can instantly open a cat window and contact you via Messenger. For mobile customers especially this will open up and an important channel of communication between you and your website visitors.

Here’s how to setup Facebook Messenger on your website

This step by step tutorial will help you get Messenger Customer Chat installed and configured on your website. You will need to have a related Facebook Page setup for your website so create a page now if you haven’t already.

  1. Backup your existing website.

    You do have a backup process in place? If not install and setup UpdraftPlus, and get your site backed up before you start.

  2. Install Messenger Customer Chat.

    Go to Plugins > Add New and search for Messenger Customer Chat. You need to ensure it’s the official version published by Facebook. Install it, Activate it.

  3. Setup Messenger Customer Chat.

    You now have a menu option called Customer Chat on your dashboard, probably towards the bottom. Click on it and then select Setup Customer Chat on the page that appears.

    There should now be a Facebook popup appear on your screen. Select your Facebook page from the dropdown, then click Next.

    You can then select your language, and select a greeting message for your customers. The default is ‘Hi! How can we help you?’. Change it if you wish to make it more personal.

    The next step is customizing colors to brand your site. Change them if you wish. Hit Finish.

    You should now be directed back to the WordPress page, hit Save Changes on the code box and we’re done. You may find that plugins like WordFence stop you from completing this. It will give you the option to whitelist this action. Do it, and then follow this step again and everything should be up and running.

And that’s all there is to it. Your customers can now instantly message them and you have an easy way to quickly respond to incoming queries on your website. I hope this helps you build your business online.

Other Plugins Are Available

Other chat plugins exist, I’ve used the Facebook plugin as a starter as it works quickly and easily, plus it’s free. You can include chat systems into your website for other systems including Whatsapp. Here’s a few to consider…