Start Selling Online #1 – An Introduction

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Hello and welcome to a new series of tutorials designed to help you set up a website and E-commerce business from scratch. Using tools such as WordPress and Woocommerce we will setup and configure a website to help you sell products online.

If you are wanting to start a business but you have very little money, then these tutorials will be ideal to help you launch your business. Using tools and services that cost little to no money I will get you started selling quickly. We’ll be building a live website from scratch so you can follow the process step by step and get your website up and running in no time at all.

You may be a business owner who is looking to sell products you already sell in a bricks & mortar shop. You may also be looking to start a new business. Whatever your starting point this series of tutorials will help you get started selling products online in no time at all.

We’re going to take this beyond a simple E-commerce store. Once we have our website running as a working E-commerce system we’ll be looking at how we can integrate eBay and Amazon sales into our system. We’ll look at how we can integrate stock management and orders into our system so we only have to worry about one system, that we have full control over.

As I said earlier, we’re going to start this project with a very small budget. A lot of small businesses start with limited funds, and this series of tutorials is going to show you how you get a website up and running without breaking the bank. There will be small costs along the way, such as domain name registration fees, or website hosting costs, but these will be kept to a minimum.

We’re going to use WooCommerce for our online shopping facility. WooCommerce is probably the best WordPress shopping facility for WordPress and is used by thousands of sellers worldwide. We will be using the simplest theme for our website initially, which is called Storefront. This free theme, although simple, will run efficiently on most web hosts, and give you a trouble-free website.

We will use PayPal for payment processing. Recognised worldwide, PayPal is another free to access payment processor and will get you up and running in no time at all.

In order to integrate eBay and Amazon functionality into our E-commerce system, we will be integrating a plugin called WP-Lister. WP-Lister allows you to sell on eBay and Amazon as well as through Woocommerce using the WordPress admin interface to access and fulfill orders. Using its advanced features you can then use WordPress to manage your stock inventory meaning stock levels from sales through any platform can be managed through your site.

As your business becomes successful, you can upscale the services that you use as and when required, adding professional themes and templates to your website, for example, or adding a faster-hosting package, or maybe upgrading your eBay listing software to enable advanced features. For the beginning stages though, we’re setting up a business using free, or low-cost services.

For the purposes of these tutorials, I’ll be setting up a new Gmail account to keep up my account emails together, and also to utilise Google Drive. I’ll set up a fresh PayPal account as well as new eBay and Amazon accounts that can be used for business purposes.

So that’s the introduction over, I hope you learn a lot from these tutorials and find them useful in getting your business launched online.

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