What Types of Site Can I Build With WordPress?

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WordPress is a powerful content management system and can be used for many different purposes. There seems to be a plugin or theme that can create any kind of site, and a lot of these are free. I’ll be looking at some of these themes here, discussing how they can be used to build different kinds of website and will be testing them in later posts to give you a detailed rundown of their pros, cons, abilities, and limitations.

All of the websites below are taken from the WordPress Theme Directory. In their basic form they are free to download and use for both testing and production use. They will all have specific features and capabilities that may or may not meet your needs and may have ‘pro’ versions available to unlock full functionality. You should also be able to extend the functionality of these sites with additional plugins if necessary.

In future posts I’ll be looking at these themes in detail to see how they function, and how they can help build an online business. In the meantime, here’s an overview of some of the themes available…


An Obvious place to start would be selling online. WordPress can be turned into a fully functioning e-commerce platform with the installation of Woo-Commerce and a suitable theme. A quick and easy way to start would be a theme such as Storefront. PayPal and Stripe payment integrations is easy and with a days work you can can have an e-commerce business up and running.

Other platforms are available, such as Shopify for example, but if you want full control over your business and you don’t wish to pay subscription fees, then WooCommerce is the way to go.

Directory Websites

Directory websites can be a great way to build a business. If you can find a niche, or business area or location that isn’t saturated you can quickly and easily build a website that people will want to visit. You can add Google Ads to your site also and begin to make an income from your website.

Check out our tutorial on building a directory website with AppThemes Vantage.

Here are a few other sites to check out if you want to build a directory website.

Classified Websites

Have you ever wanted to build your own version of Craigslist? Well, maybe WordPress can help you get started.

Holiday Websites

In these times of Airbnb, there’s a big increase in property rentals, with people looking to rent both there’s and other people property on long and short term rentals. With WordPress, it’s relatively easy to build a fully functioning holiday website or property rental website to promote and take bookings for holiday rentals. Here are a few examples of holiday websites to get you started.

Real Estate Websites

If you’re an estate agent with a portfolio of property and you’re looking to promote your portfolio to potential clients then WordPress has a large range of themes available to help you achieve this. Here are some examples of themes for you to consider…

Membership Websites

You may wish to build a community website or enable payment at various levels to enable visitors to access the content at different payment levels. One of the most popular systems is Memberpress, a paid-for plugin that offers sophisticated options for developing a full-blown membership site. Free options include Memberlite, shown below…