How to Source Free Images for Your WordPress Websites

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Some people think if they are looking for a picture of a frog they can simply do a Google Image search and choose their favourite and then upload it to their website. WRONG! Here’s a free, legitimately sourced picture of a frog:

Red-eyed tree frog

The above image is free for commercial use, with no attribution required. Many thanks to David Mark from Pixabay though, a great photo!

Copyright in an image exists as soon as the image is created. Simply because it exists and is available to view on Google does not infer that anyone can use the image. The copyright owner has the right to reproduce the image and can bring legal proceedings against anyone using the image without permission. This can be very important if you’re producing a website for a client. Copyright claims can destroy your professional reputation, and have an impact upon your client’s business.

Creative Commons

Luckily the internet can be a friendly place, and people like to share. People also enjoy the kudos of having their work shared amongst a wide audience. Creative Commons licences are a way of sharing work online for a range of purposes, both commercial and personal. Sometimes you are required to attribute the source of the image, sometimes not. The full range of licenses available is described on the Creative Commons website.

Where to Get Free Images For Your WordPress Website

Enjoy searching for images on these sites and don’t forget to provide the correct attribution to the author where necessary, to enable you to keep on the right side of copyright law.

What if You’re Looking for Something Special?

Sometimes you’re looking for a unique image, something that is not used everywhere because it’s free. Maybe you’re not just looking for any Red-Eyed Tree Frog, but you want a happy smiling Red-Eyed Tree Frog! This is where websites such as Shutterstock or Adobe Images come into play.

For a small subscription you can download a number of images a month from a wider range of professional images or vector graphics for your site. Shutterstock currently has an annual plan for £19 a month which allws you to download up to 10 images a month. This can be good value for money if you’re a regular blogger looking for something unique for your website or blog.

Finally, taken from Shutterstock, here’s a great photograph of a smiling Red-Eyed Tree Frog!

A Smiling Red-Eyed Tree Frog
Smiling Red-Eyed Tree Frog